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Dear [KSA ISA] Members and Non-Members,

We value your insights and opinions as we strive to enhance our services and offerings. Your feedback is essential in shaping the direction we take and ensuring that we cater to your needs effectively. By participating in this brief survey, you play an integral role in our commitment to continuous improvement.

Why Participate?

  • For Members:
    Identify Training and Certification Needs: Your input helps us tailor our educational programs to address your specific requirements.
    Evaluate Membership Benefits:  We want to ensure that your membership brings you the maximum value and benefits you deserve.
    Influence Positive Change:  Your suggestions guide us in adopting a member-centric approach, making sure your voice is heard.
  • For Non-Members:
    Help Shape Our Services:  Your perspective helps us refine our offerings and create offerings that cater to a wider audience.
    Be Part of Our Community: Participating in this survey brings you one step closer to understanding what we’re all about.

How to Participate:

1. Answer a few quick and straightforward questions.
3. Your responses are completely confidential and will be used solely for improving our services.

Your time and insights are incredibly valuable to us. Thank you for taking a moment to contribute to our ongoing growth and improvement.

Best regards,
ISA Saudi Arabia Team.

P.S. The survey will only take a few minutes of your time, but the impact of your input will last much longer. Participate now and let your voice be heard!


ISA members questionnaire survey

The feedback collected from this questionnaire can be used in several ways to improve services and offerings including Identifying Training and Certification Needs, Evaluating Membership Benefits, Gathering Suggestions to foster a member-centric approach.