ISA officially was born as the Instrument Society of America on 28 April 1945, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. It was the brainchild of Richard Rimbach of the Instruments Publishing Company and grew out of the desire of 18 local instrument societies to form a national organization. Rimbach is recognized as the founder of ISA.

In 2020, ISA celebrated 75 years of:

  • advocating for the people and technology that move societies and economies forward.
  • creating and supporting industries that power our world.
  • difference-makers and risk-takers on whose shoulders we stand today.

Our members, volunteers, and communities have supported ISA for 75 years. Their support, passion, and dedication ensure that ISA will spend the next 75 years advancing our vision—to create a better world through automation.

ISA SAS offers a wide range of various professional training programs in collaboration with well-known industrial sectors specialized in automation field. The training program is designed to strengthen the technical knowledge and accelerate the development progression of ISA professionals. During 2022, ISA SAS members will have the privilege to participate in different training sessions virtually and physically including Technical Education Sessions, Technology Introduction Sessions, Technical Courses, and General- Skills Sessions.