The Automation and Digital Transformation Conference (ADTC 2024), hosted by the International Society of Automation, Saudi Arabia, and strategically sponsored by Saudi Aramco, recently concluded on a high note. This annual gathering, known for spearheading discussions in automation and digital transformation, took place from April 23-25, 2024, attracting a multitude of professionals keen on exploring the interplay between technology and sustainable development.

Abdullah Alnufaii, President of the ISA Saudi Arabia Section, delivered a heartfelt vote of thanks to conclude the conference. His words resonated deeply with attendees, echoing the themes of innovation and collaboration that were palpable throughout the event. Alnufaii’s closing remarks not only highlighted the achievements of the presenters and the engagement of the audience but also underscored the critical role of such conferences in driving forward the agenda of sustainable technology.

The ADTC 2024 served as a vibrant platform for experts and enthusiasts from various sectors to share insights and discuss how cutting-edge technologies can address pressing environmental, economic, and social challenges. With a focus on sustainability, the conference showcased how automation and digital solutions could pave the way for a more resilient future.

Participants had the unique opportunity to hear from a diverse array of speakers, including industry leaders, technology experts, and academic pioneers. These thought leaders presented case studies, innovative research findings, and forward-thinking strategies, illustrating the dynamic nature of digital transformation and its vast potential to revolutionize industries.

The event’s agenda was meticulously structured to ensure a comprehensive exploration of themes such as smart automation, the integration of artificial intelligence in environmental solutions, and the ethical implications of digital technologies in business practices. Through workshops, panel discussions, and networking events, attendees could gain firsthand knowledge and practical skills to implement in their professional lives.

Looking ahead, the ISA Saudi Section remains committed to organizing these influential conferences, continuously fostering an environment where professionals can come together to shape the future of automation and digital transformation. As we reflect on the success of ADTC 2024, the anticipation for next year’s event already begins to build, promising even more opportunities for innovation and collaborative success.

In essence, the Automation and Digital Transformation Conference stands as a beacon of progress in the realm of technological solutions to global challenges, making it a key date in the calendar for anyone invested in the future of industry and sustainability.


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By Ahmed Alsaadi

Sr. engineer @ Aramco